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Garden landscape project starts with a strimmer

Garden landscape project starts with a strimmer

Every great project starts with a lineup of quality tools and in this particular instance I want to discuss the garden strimmer. It’s one of the most useful pieces of tooling equipment in the garden and you just can’t get away from the fact that high quality strimmers are here to stay and is really going to improve the aesthetics and comfort of your garden; if you’re looking to start a garden landscape project this summer you can’t be without one.

You won’t believe just how good strimmers have got these days and you can get all types of different variations from petrol to electric to even cordless electric versions which will significantly speed up the amount of work that you can get done in a shorter period of time and in this article we will go through all of them together; benefits of each one of those trimmers and what it means to you and how much they cost and which one will be the most suitable for your home projects or potentially commercial ventures.

Petrol strimmer for landscaping

One of the most powerful types of strimmer you can get is called a petrol strimmer and the reason for the power is because it’s pushed along by a petrol motor and a petrol motor tends to have far more energy than all of the other types of different strimmers available on the market today. The petrol strimmer can get through a serious bit of work but also at the same time can cost a reasonable amount of money; if you’ve got the budget, it’s better to go for a petrol strimmer because it’s actually the most powerful in the market and its most commercially viable type of strimmer out there today.

Garden strimmer

Garden strimmer

It’s really good and means if you need to get some serious weeds cut back or need to do some grass then of course you’ll get the work done really quickly with a petrol strimmer. One of the small issues you have with petrol strimmers is that you do you need to store petrol which can be dangerous.

But if you’ve not got two children or any young pets or anyone around that could be harmed by the petrol then of course that’s no issue at all whatsoever. The other thing is, of course you can actually work out how to store the fuel correctly and therefore petrol strimmers are really good option if you’ve got a quite a lot of work to get through.

Electric corded strimmer for a cheap garden experience

And electrical strimmer by far is the cheapest and best pound for pound value you can get on the market today and I would definitely buy my electric garden strimmer from Garden Tool Box, they always have the cheapest prices and most up to date offers . This is because electric strimmers have been around the longest and there is the best range; this means that they will always be the cheapest. The only problem with the electrical strimmer is the fact you do you need to have a power cord around with you all the time and that can be quite a bit of a pain; especially if it’s damp or a wet day and you’ve got a power lead on the garden grass. It’s actually not very good overall and it’s only useful for fair-weather in the sunshine.

But with that said it’s a very powerful option if you’re on a budget and certainly it’s well worth considering because of power lead of course isn’t that big a deal; almost everyone still has got a power lead or two kicking around the home, so overall it’s definitely not something to rule out and if you want to go budget, electric grass trimmers are definitely worth a go.

A cordless trimmer is by far and away the best way to go though because the cordless trimmer is easy to use and it just runs on a battery which is very safe and can be easily charged. Normally a strong battery charge will give you a least 45 minutes of run time which is more than enough to do your average daily chores around the garden. If you’ve got an extensive amount of work to do that I would suggest you go for a petrol strimmer or something more powerful because it’s not really for that intended use. It’s more the fact that you can get a little bit of work done here and there and actually if you are the kind of gardener that does a bit here and there around the garden then this will be ideal for you because it basically gives you the opportunity to just charging between uses and take it steady whilst your landscaping and improving the garden.

Cordless electric strimmers are still a little pricey

Cordless strimmers are actually quite expensive so you need to consider the fact that you’ve got to make a bit of an upfront investment but if you do then the actual running cost and use of them is extremely cheap and they’re extremely safe so the overall weight and comfor to use really does make for a good garden strimmer. If you don’t really want to spend out too much money then you’ll have to go for a corded version but completely up to you and decide which you think is the best based on the facts above.

Landscaping with a garden strimmer.

Getting your landscaping going is really easy especially if you got a high quality strimmer because you can work out exactly where you need to come and at what angles plus if it’s big heavy duty work you can really easily chomp through it with a petrol or a garden strimmer.

Overall I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend using garden strimmer wherever possible. It’s a great way to get the garden into shape and you can begin to create curves and designs from the humble strimmer.

Just make sure that when you buy yourself a garden strimmer, that you actually know how to maintain one. Because you need to make sure that you know how to operate it properly so you can continue to get good cutting service area. You also need to make sure you clean the underside of the strimmer so that it doesn’t get all messed up and full of caked on grass

Garden strimmer

Garden strimmer

Then there’s the debris to clean off, otherwise it can get quite awkward and heavy to operate. The main thing is to make sure you keep it clean and keep in good condition.

If you’ve got a petrol strimmer and of course you’re going to need to service it just like any other engine but if it’s just the electric cordless version then really and truly just leave it be and it’ll deal with it for itself. You really don’t have much in the way of work to do with it yourself. It will manage itself until it breaks and pretty much with that said, they will last a long time and you always get a 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee too on a cordless garden strimmer.

If you can’t afford an expensive strimmer then definitely at least go with corded electric. If you’ve got a lot of work to do then go with a petrol strimmer but of course that requires you needing a lot of work and your garden needs to be big. Personally I don’t really have that much work to do so I’m fine with an electric garden strimmer for my landcaping projects.

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