Garden Design

Garden Design

If you’re designing a backyard or container garden, then birdhouses, bird feeders and butterfly houses are a must. The products we offer are designed to be décor items that give your garden a special look. The birdhouses can be elaborate homes for a whole family of birds or a simple design that provides shelter for a mother and her nestlings. Our bird feeders range from simple, basic feeding platforms to multi-level, complex creations.

You can select a bluebird house with a sloped front, which deters predators while making it easier for nestlings to exit when they mature. Some birdhouses and bird feeders in our collection are built with coppertops, the industry standard for high quality. Every coppertop roof is individually cut, bent, hand-fitted and glued according to our high standards.

You can become a collector by choosing colors and designs that complement your garden décor. Since our products are designed to be “user friendly” for our bird friends, you can choose any design that appeals to you and be guaranteed that your garden visitors will feel safe and welcome.

The elegant designs of our butterfly houses, squirrel feeders and bat shelters make a great backdrop for that photo session. Show off your garden masterpiece with these quality products.

Be Bio-Responsible

Did you know that habitat loss is one of the greatest threats to biodiversity? Scientists have created programs whose goal is to provide native wildlife with food, water and shelter to make up for losses due to development or other encroachments.

Gardening for Small Spaces

When one thinks of a garden, the first image to come to mind is likely to include manicured lawns and spacious flower beds. Yet in the world of the twenty-first century, where many living spaces lack the space to create such a natural panorama, the popularity of smaller, mobile, and more creative expressions of the love of nature is on the increase. Container gardens are, for many, the preferred approach to bringing to life plants of all descriptions.

Various aspects of container gardening are explored on this site. You can read about containers, their location, the selection of plants, and issues such as color, soils, watering and lighting. The versatility of the container garden is illustrated. The limits of the container garden are only bound by the imagination of the container gardener.

Where Does My Garden Grow?

A container garden is an excellent option for apartment dwellers, people who live in homes with tiny yards (you know, concrete slab with a six-inch grass border), and gardeners who are renting houses whose owners don’t welcome renter personalisation.

All you need to get started with container gardening is enough space for a comfortable chair and a few large planters or ceramic pots.

And this is where the fun of container gardening begins. Once you place that chair on your balcony, you’ll want an overturned crate to serve as a table for your cordless phone and your book—not to mention your glass of lemonade. Oh, and it’s a perfect place to hang those new wind chimes. How about an umbrella plant to keep that nosy neighbour from peeking out his window at you?

Evening falls as you gather your book, your empty glass, your phone, and the plate that held your sandwich. It’s too nice to go indoors. You put up a small table with a few candles and invite a friend over to spend the evening watching moths darting at the flame.

For the finishing touches, you start an herb garden in small clay pots arranged in a flat wooden crate. As the autumn winds pick up, you move your plants indoors, waiting for the spring sunshine to kiss your balcony so that you can do it all again. You’re a gardener!